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    地址: 河南省郑州市世贸华中万货城2FA4区023-024



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    公司主要生产的产品有:轻型货架、中型货架、重型货架、托盘式货架、贯通式货架、重力式货架、压入式货架、流动式货架、悬臂式货架、阁楼式货架、抽屉式货架、移动式货架、4S店货架、超市货架、网片、仓储笼、物流台车、手推车/登高车、仓储配套设备、 超市配套设备、服装货架及精品展柜等。

    公司坚持以质量求生存,以信誉求发展的经营理念,快捷便利的服务让您无后顾之忧。 鑫华鑫将与各界人士携手并肩,通力合作,开创仓储货架领域。

    Zhengzhou Xinhuaxin Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the specialized warehouse manufacturing enterprises, which integrates R & D, design, production, sales and installation. The company has advanced production equipment, experienced management team and perfect after-sales service. Since its establishment 8 years ago, relying on the precise grasp of customer needs and the foresight of the market trend, it has rapidly risen in the storage and shelf industry.
    Based on the introduction and digestion of advanced technology at home and abroad, the company has developed independently and innovating continuously. At present, it has fully automated production line, advanced electrostatic spraying production line and multi-function rolling production line, CO2 gas protection welding equipment.
    The main products of the company are: light shelf, medium shelf, heavy shelf, pallet type shelf, through type shelf, gravity type shelf, pressing type shelf, mobile shelf, cantilever shelf, attic type shelf, drawer type shelf, mobile shelf, 4S store shelf, supermarket shelf, net film, storage cage, logistics table. Cars, trolley / climbing cars, warehousing and matching equipment, supermarket matching equipment, clothing shelves and boutique showcase.
    Companies adhere to the quality of survival, reputation and development of business philosophy, fast and convenient services to make you worry free. Xin Hua Xin will work hand in hand with people from all walks of life to work together to create a storage rack area.